Have you ever been smooth sailing on your path of life and come to a fork in the road? Maybe it wasn’t just like that, but more like you were just going on with your everyday life and felt like you were in a rut? One of the best things to have when in either situation is perseverance. Think of it as not having quitting as an option, but forging ahead. The way I look at it, perseverance is not necessarily sticking with a path you don’t want, but being true to yourself. If there’s a dream you have most likely you can’t go directly to accomplishing that dream or reaching that goal, but you can keep taking steps towards those dreams until you reach them. Persevere – one step at a time! If you’re stuck in a rut, evaluate. Is it just a passing thing that you have to get through before being happy again? If so, keep pushing through one day at a time. Is it something that you’re really unhappy with and need a change from? Find a solution or look for an alternative. Persevere! Stay the course until you find that something that picks you up out of the rut. I think we’ve all been there and quite often we have just wanted to quit or run away, but that’s the easy way out. The things in life really worth having or accomplishing take hard work so never give up – Persevere!

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