Letting Go!

I came across this quote today “At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.” (Heather Hepler.) So many times in life we have dreams, for ourselves and for others (especially our children) or we expect something going on in our lives to have a certain outcome. When it doesn’t go our way I think most of us get disappointed or frustrated. We’ve thought about something for so long we can’t give up on the dream or thought. That mentality makes us stuck; it makes it very difficult to move on with many aspects of our lives. In reality we should “let go”; we should remind ourselves that 1) we cannot control everything, and 2) our dreams or expectations aren’t necessarily going to agree with others, especially our kids. We have to let others live their lives as they choose. In regards to ourselves, we have to remember that things happen for a reason and look with hope that perhaps there’s a new and better opportunity out there for us. If something doesn’t go your way or makes you frustrated “Let it Go and Move On!”